Download any of the links below and turn up the volume.

Hints for downloading:

PC users. Right click on the mix and select "save target as"

Mac Users. Hold down the control button and click on the mix with your mouse, select "save link as"

Dj Schell Did it Again!

hip hop, funk, latin, old school, and house all scratched up. mixed 11/12 180mb 80 minutes

Dj Schell: D.F. Stylin'

butt-shaking hip hop, funk, old school, 80s all scratched up. mixed 4/11 180mb 80 minutes


Dj Schell: Reggae Drum & Bass Mix

Reggae influenced drum & bass mixed up with other classic tracks. mixed 7/12 55mb 65 minutes


Dj Schell: Love Letters to Fresa-ville

house music and dance remixes. mixed 5/10 150mb 60 minutes

Dj Schell: A La Funk Blender

funk, more funk, and a little hip hop. mixed 10/09 136mb 60 minutes

Dj Schell: Df Vibraciones

Mix 1: House Music

Mix 2: Hip Hop, Funk, Rock

mixed 8/09 mix 1 60 minutes 127mb mp3, mix 2 20 minutes 54mb mp3

DJ Schell: 2008 Summer House Mix

mixed 7/08 (house) 50mb mp3, about 60 minutes

Dj Schell: The Complete Man

mixed 4/08 (hiphop, funk, new wave, house) 75mb mp3, about 80 minutes


-The Illest Whiteboy From Northgate-

mixed 4/07 (hiphop, funk, breaks) 74mb mp3, about 80 minutes

-Home Skooled (extended version)-

mixed 8/05 (party, oldschool, funk) 45mb mp3, about 80 minutes


Other Great Mixes

-Earth Landings-

mixed 2/01 (house, drum & bass) 74 mb mp3, about 80 minutes

-Easy Listening Music That Doesn't Suck (That Bad)-

my least danciest mix of them doesn't suck (that bad): 54 mb: 57 minutes


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