Jason Schell

Los Tres Trabajadores

8.5 x 21 feet | 2.6 x 6.4 meters

(metro Salto del Agua mural project)

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photos of the work in process


Los Tres Trabajadores (The Three Workers) is installed in metro Salto del Agua in the historic center of Mexico City. It can be seen while walking from line 1 to line 8 as well as from the line 1 entrance across the street from the Mercado San Juan.

About The Mural:
In the church of St. Luigi de Francesi in Rome, Italy lies a the baroque masterpiece The Three Matthews by Carravaggio. When I was in college I lived and studied in Rome and am very familiar with his work. So in finishing my series The Baroque Life I wanted to reference something specific, in this case The Three Matthews.
If you know me, you know I'm not a big fan of lazy people. The concept of work and a job well done is important to me. Humans are incomplete without work, you could say it's sacred. With that in mind, I depict my workers in a narrative that gives them a heroic nature. Not in the socialist sense you might find in classic Mexican muralism or communist propaganda, but in a baroque sense. As Carravaggio depicted his saints frozen dramatically in dynamic compositions, I want my workers to appear simultaneously human yet larger than life. Indeed the metro in Mexico City is an amazing feat of construction and engineering and one almost never considers the invisible presence of all the work that goes in to maintaining it...not so different at all from the powerful yet invisible nature of saints within the Catholic tradition.

Regarding public art in vision for my contribution to public art is that it should be “fine art”, art that would look just as good hung in a gallery or museum space. Numerous contemporary murals I see come across as street art, a sort of hybrid between graffiti and illustration...and while many of them are fantastic, I don't see that as my addition to the public art world. Put simply, a well written novel makes one smarter in the literary sense, much more so than a trashy romance. Likewise, well-made fine art should make the viewer smarter or more critical visually speaking. So The Three Workers are on one hand a mural because they were designed for a specific wall in a specific place for a specific audience, but on the other hand they're 3 large urban-baroque paintings in faux gold frames hanging in a metro station.