Jason Schell

La Vida Barroca | The Baroque Life

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La Vida Barroca Bocetos | The Baroque Life Sketches

Artist Jason Schell
The Baroque Life

Like most of my artwork over the last 4 years, “The Baroque Life” depicts a narrative of the city. But the series plunges deeper into all that’s entailed within the urban experience by giving the pieces a spiritual/religious tone. It meditates on the importance of fast passing moments in city life and searches for transcendence as an individual as well as a collective within an urban environment.
Brightly lit characters on darker backgrounds reference classic religious painters such as El Greco, Caravaggio, and Rembrandt, while the layering of collage, linear illustration, and realistic renderings depict the various levels of visual stimuli that urbanites encounter daily. Characters and objects within the compositions fade in and out in a simultaneous indication of the pace of urban living as well as the timeless spirits we carry within ourselves. The artwork transforms what could appear as mundane instants into a baroque storyline of metropolitan existence.